02 January 2017

Still Clowning Around With Mesa's Future? What's Next for John Giles

A slippery slope or will the mayor gain some traction in his second term in office after a stunning flat-line defeat in a public referendum. Hard act to follow. What turn to take?
What is the Next Next ???
After last year's highly-staged charade [see image to the left with ASU Mascot Sparky] for his #SOTC16 State-of-the-City speech that marked the start of his first full term in public office with a privately-financed PAC bogus public relations campaign that turned into a major screw-up where Mesa voters rejected a sales tax hike that knocked down the key cornerstone of his political platform - an ASU satellite campus that would have radically transformed The New Urban Downtown Mesa.
What was John Giles thinking that turned out all-so-wrong when the public got engaged telling him he's taking the city in the wrong direction for the benefit of his friends, the FOG.

Peanut butter + Chocolate
Some of whatever that is revealed in this tasty tidbit of profound rhetoric from this personal injury/accident law attorney turned politician and Mesa mayor: Giles said he expects the new ASU campus will help revitalize the area.
“The connection and the fit between Arizona State University and downtown Mesa is a great fit,” he said.
“It’s very obvious.
It’s like peanut butter and chocolate.
These are two things that are made for each other.”
ASU to Open New Campus in Downtown Mesa

That turned out hard-to-swallow . . . now try some jam, John
In April of last year John Giles, in one of his frequent gigs playing host of Mesa Morning Live turns his talents to crooning out in support of Next Mesa in this 4:45 segment uploaded to YouTube ...he's so excited and now in the groove with Jam

Take a look at this performance twice, viewed by over 500 on YouTube
Is the Mayor's time in office turning into "A Slow Jam" of sorts? A better crooner than a mayor? Where do his talents show up best: performing or delivering on promises for What's Next Next?  Where is his calling headed?

Where will he be taking the City of Mesa in the next next considering he tried to lead the public in the wrong direction that would have benefited his entrenched political machine spearheaded by influence-peddler Matt Salmon, revolving-door Washington politician/lobbyist hired by ASU after leaving office?
Do ya think it might be education? . . . paid for with no tax hikes 
That's the next political pitch for baseball-fan John Giles stepping up to the mound for his second inning throws, warmed-up in the bullpen
The infield and outfield coaches have been working on this guy's training for years, giving him a call back to public office a few years ago when former Mayor Scott Smith aspired to a higher office other than mayor of Mesa, anointing Alex Finter to fill the temporary vacancy.
Giles has another team-player warming up on the sidelines and a friend-in-faith named Jerry Lewis, who got defeated in a run-off election to score a seat on the Mesa City Council even though he was chosen and endorsed by both Giles the current mayor, hand-selected by ex-mayor Scott Smith  to succeed him when Smith chose to run for governor against Governor Doug Ducey losing that race for higher office in the State of Arizona.
BTW Salmon lost out too in his run for AZ governor too, leaving Congress in Washington to do that, losing out, and then getting a ticket back to the nation's Capitol, retiring to make way for hand-selected successor, and landing a plum influence peddler/lobbyist job hired on by ASU for handling "government affairs". . . this is how the Mesa political machine works: "musical chairs" with one seat taken away leaving the same characters scrambling to get into position for the next go-round in their closed circle of faith-based friends, many of whom are or were either bishops  or presidents in a network of LDS wards and stakes.
In addition to that background, Jerry Lewis holds a high position in a for-profit charter school corporation called EdKey that operates publicly-funded schools - or academies - that somehow manages to be the first to spend millions grabbing up real estate in master-planned communities like Eastmark and Cadence for build educational institutions for K-12 students, as well as providing for special needs [Southwest Key]

A glimmer of where [not How] can be found in this piece of self-made news

My Turn: Education is the future of Mesa
John Giles, AZ I See It 12:12 p.m. MST December 29, 2016

school readiness and educational attainment levels in Mesa are trending downward

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