01 August 2017

AGENDA for Today's Economic Development Advisory Board Meeting

Meeting Notice & Agenda
Economic Development Advisory Board
City Council Chambers 57 E. 1st Street, Lower Level
Tuesday, August 1, 2017 7:30 AM
Following all the scheduled presentations in discussions opened up by Bill Jabjiniak, GPEC board member Rich Adams nearly startled everyone in the room to say Mesa is still looking for A Sense of Place - much like Tempe Town Lake re-generated downtown Tempe. What an imagination!
An ambitious agenda to start on the first meeting of the new fiscal year after taking a month off, with one new appointment to replace Terry Benelli [absent at this meeting] and two re-appointments to the voting members. Agenda items outlined a correction to approved minutes from May ...Bill has some guests, Patrick Murphy from the City's sustainability office makes a presentation, Kaye O'Donnell and JD Beatty talk about metrics
Here's a group-selfie of some of the board members and dinner guests last night posted on Twitter yesterday

Power lunch! meeting w reviewers & partners for accreditation program

See Item 4 on the agenda below

Voting and non-voting members attending this morning's meeting listening to the AEDO presenters who have been here for three days doing an evaluation for accreditation.

1. Chair’s Call to Order

2. Items from Citizens Present

3. Approval of Minutes from June 6, 2017 meeting 
    • Note: EDAB minutes change for May 2nd, Councilmember Winkle was removed from   guests present

4. Accredited Economic Development Organization (AEDO) - Bill
    • Introduction of guests
    • Explanation of program

5. Imagine Mesa Presentation – Patrick Murphy

6. Metrics and Data of Economic Development Projects – Jaye O’Donnell and JD Beatty

7. Director’s Update

8. Other Business

• Next EDAB Meeting-September 5th or 12th 

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