01 August 2017


Here they go again! 
Your MesaZona has no idea - and is not even curious about - who's in this group. With that being said from the get-go, nearly nothing they post on Facebook appears to get any traction yet they keep pitching wildcard scenarios that are less than credible until they can score some starting-points that go beyond unsubstantiated hearsay and rumors.
Some free advice: do your homework and get information before you go online
This is the little group's most recent post from about 23 hours ago on Facebook: What are they even saying???
Just asking more questions when they can find answers

"Ok, I need some more information. The City of Mesa, as lead by Lying John Giles has ok'd and authorized the payment of an outside attorney (Giles' close friend and rotary buddy, Chas Wirken of Gust Rosenfeld) to "prosecute" Winkle as accuser, judge and jury that is not a legal court case? How was this attorney procured?
According to the city charter something must be voted on by city council if it is an expenditure over $25,000 and an RFP must be issued. According to azcentral, in May and July alone Chas Wirken has rung up $36,000. That is about 91 hours of work. What are they so diligently documenting? Can most of this information be obtained for free since it is public information?
The case is well documented on the news, by body cam and by police report. When the mayor decided to put this on the agenda and the council voted to start disciplinary proceedings, was this the yes vote for Wirken and Co to start draining tax payer funds from the city? Is there a limit or cap to the spending on this investigation? Does Winkle get to hire an outside attorney? I'm assuming Winkle will come out of his own pocket for his defense
Quit using our tax dollars for your political games Mayor and council! I know you and the others are reading this. Any one of you council-members, our so-called Mesa leaders, could at any time stop this misuse of public funds. Let the voters decide. If his district doesn't want Winkle they will recall him. We're looking at you Thompson and Luna. We all live in your districts and you can believe we are going to remember this and we will all put time and money into making sure people know your priorities of wasteful spending and denying rights to voters. We can barely get you guys to spend money on code enforcement and public amenities but you'll blow $60,000-$100,000 on a council personal matter? Wasn't it you Thompson that complained about spending $60,000 on childhood education? That's the rumor anyway. Get your Mayor in check! He's got you all blindly involved in his political games. 

Report Mesa Corruption at City of Mesa, Arizona Government.22 hrs

Why does this city council want to spend tax payer money on this garbage?


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