02 August 2017

HAH! Anonymous Group Report Mesa Corruption Strikes Again

Perhaps a Zinger headed out to left field on the playing field of politics here in The Most Conservative City in America, but hey at least it's not boring, right?
The little local group is switching leagues from playing softball to hitting hardball with throwing this recent fast-pitch online that looks like it has scored a hit on District 6 Mesa City Council member Kevin Thompson.
Stay tuned for more but continue watching this group who wants to remain anonymous
4 hrsMesa
"Rumors around the city have started to fly regarding a potential future Mesa Mayoral race of Kevin Thompson for 2020. Thompson appears to has started his 2018 re-election campaign slowly and is running unopposed. City staff and east valley residents are well aware of his disdain for Mayor John Giles for his lack of solid leadership and consistent two face lying. Thompson, from what we've heard and gathered is also tired of the old Mesa guard and their affinity to slow process to slow processes down, waste tax payer money and only serve themselves. While we don't agree with all of Thompson's policies and don't know him well, we would welcome a change from someone who is a well known liar like John Giles."

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