05 August 2017

Whose News? Kelly Mixer Calls It MyNewsMesa.Com

Breaking from either current traditions or trends, this 'unilateral' news organization says it provide objective news and information to the community they serve by offering the absolute best value in advertising available . . .
WHAT IS IT? Kelly Mixer's way to do the news - its mission is to provide Mesa specific content that informs, connects and entertains their audience + a digital marketing company all sharing the same physical location at a publicly-funded community college in downtown Mesa??? [See more information - including a Quadruple-Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday of last week that filled up four vacant spaces on two floors at 165 N Centennial Way that included the Mesa Chamber of Commerce and attracted AZ Congressman Andy Biggs.]
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Here's the new physical location for both 'the news' and a for-profit digital marketing company Kmph Digital Marketing located on the downtown campus of Mesa Community College at 165 N Centennial Way in Suite 208.
Kelly Mixer's MyNewsMesa says it is a free-to-read online community news organization located in the same space as a for-profit digital marketing company?organization unilaterally focused on news and information about Mesa, its people, happenings and businesses.

HUH?????Hold on!
What's that sticker on the window for a digital marketing company???
Copyright 2015© Kmph Digital Marketing a division of Kmph Solutions Group, LLC
Welcome to Kmph digital marketing
providing white label programmatic services
for agencies and media companies

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Kmph digital marketing is a firm helping business navigate marketing in the thousand mile per hour world.
They make it easy for you to focus on growing your business. Marketing your business should not be your full-time job. They work with you to define and execute the best possible marketing strategies.
Kmph digital marketing helping business navigate marketing in the thousand mile per hour world.
Business Development, Marketing, Advertising

MYMESANEWS.COM "Founded by a group of journalists and former media professionals with an unwavering desire to provide objective news and information to the community we serve.
We serve the citizens of Mesa and those in any way connected to Mesa.
We are driven by a deeply-held belief that news organizations – especially now – serve their community best when they are involved in and connected to it.
As a news source, that requires us to break from either tradition or current trends in some very fundamental ways that we think you may appreciate."
Free to read
This one’s simple. We are free to read and intend to stay that way. How? By offering the absolute best value in advertising available. For more information on advertising at MyNewsMesa, drop us a line at rflowers@mynewsmesa.com or call 602-432-9567.

About that 'group of journalists' and 'former media professionals'
We won’t lean. The facts don’t lean. We report about the people, events, places and businesses that make Mesa a wonderful and unique place to live. We report all sorts of news (including hard news like crime), but we work very hard to make sure what we report matches the proportions of our community. Huh? 
Here’s what we mean: [read more using the link above]

MyNewsMesa.com ribbon cutting/open house Aug. 2

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