02 January 2019

Ryan Randazzo Says Arizona Is A Hot Market For Cannabis

Now that's some unexpected good news from Arizona Republic reporter Ryan Randazzo published online today at 06:00 am. Better late than never, as they say - and once again using that catch phrase "business-friendly environment" to account for the emerging high-growth potential cannabis phenomenon that driving million$ in investment$ in a budding industry referred to in the old days as "Reefer Madness".
It's taken a long time for sure but now 11 states and the District of Columbia [and Canada and Mexico] are all in-the-pipeline of approving its recreational use throughout North America.
Yes the times they are changing for a industry that's been operating in different markets all over the world for centuries.
Reporter Rick Randazzo concentrates on what he calls "consolidation in the industry" - it's way more than that as reported on this blog many times.
Let's let Ryan Randazzo have his say:
Arizona 'very much on the map' as marijuana companies expand, consolidate
"With a booming medical-marijuana program and business-friendly regulations for dispensaries and farms, Arizona is a can't-miss market for large cannabis companies that are growing across the 33 states with legalized medical or recreational use. . .
Nationwide sales of medical and recreational marijuana in state-regulated markets are projected to be $8 billion to $10 billion this year, and near $22 billion in 2022, according to industry publication Marijuana Business Daily.
Why Randazzo chooses to highlight Sara Gullickson, CEO of Item 9 Labs Corp., a publicly traded cannabis company headquartered in Scottsdale to insert a video is questionable especially when she brags that “But not a lot of people can grow like we can here.”
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