07 June 2017

Absolutely Awesome! Totally Organic! Whoa! Here in DTMesa

Last Thursday with little fanfare except for friendly buzzes, the Organic Bean Café had a 'soft opening' at 40 N MacDonald Street here in the New Urban Downtown Mesa.
After the monthly meeting of the City of Mesa Economic Development Board, your MesaZona blogger needed a dose of fresh air and time-away from discussion of big deals in commercial/industrial real estate taking place on tech corridors and employment opportunity zones. . .
It was time to take a walk-around downtown zig-zagging west onto Pepper Place from Center/First Street to a pleasant NWC at the intersection across the street from the AZ Museum of Natural History.
If you don't know some of the 'small wonders' off-Main Street, here's a map to find OBC and - surprisingly quite a number of other small businesses, all small-scale all in one building: Jerry's Barber Salon is in the front of the very-retro front to the left of an open entryway to an open atrium.
Also located here are Zuzu's Petals, 87 Bikes, Taffy Salon & Brow Bar, and Serendipity Cinematography - all have been on-premises for quite some time growing beyond the stage of incubation or start-ups.
It was a pleasure to say hello to OBC new business owner Rachael Boontjer, who already knows the coffee business very well after working for five years with major franchise Starbuck's and opening two stores - now she's taking on the risk and the entrepreneurial leap into her own small enterprise going totally organic here in downtown Mesa, with help from her mother who together have invested about $7,000 opening the new small business. Four months after signing the lease it's ready and open-for-business
It's all 'the right stuff' in one place if you like your hot and cold brew organic. She even gets the Organic Fair Trade Coffee beans from a local roaster in Gilbert, grinding them to-order for every single 16 or 24-ounce cup [make that re-cyclable cup, please].
Here's an image taken yesterday of the natural sunlight open-air atrium to help you find the entrance

Tomorrow there's a GRAND OPENING - Check it out

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