18 June 2017

Too Hot To Deal With This: Fed Falters + Trump Gets Probed Whee! So Much Fun, Huh?

Your MesaZona blogger likes this kind of reporting, especially when Phil Davis writes:
"I know this article will be censored on most MSM outlets that publish me, but someone has got to say something to stop this thing.  This isn't just a mistake – this is National Suicide and, unlike the song, it will not be painless!  If you are an American, a real American – Democrat or Republican – you have to think about what is really going to be good for your country and your children's future.  If you think that giving $1.1M tax cuts to people who make $3.7M a year or more (top 0.1%) ACCORDING TO FORBES is the best thing your country can do right now – then feel free to let it happen.  If not… Well, as they say:  "If you see something – SAY SOMETHING!   
. . . So either the Trump budget is dead or you should quickly make arrangements to get out of the country while you still can because, even at "just" $20Tn, your share of the National Debt is $165,897 (each taxpayer). . . "
Read his post from last Thursday

Play Ball! New Case Getting Built for Commercial Real Estate Development Around Baseball Stadiums

Chasing another scheme in The Field of Dreams, except there's one snag and that's after Mesa taxpayers were snookered and fooled ...