15 June 2017

WTO Condemns Boeing For Millions In Tax Breaks/Illegal Subsidies > Might Shift Jobs To Arizona

Boeing might shift hundreds of Seattle jobs to Arizona By The Associated Press 

SEATTLE — Boeing plans to shift another work group away from the Puget Sound region.
The Seattle Times reported that the company confirmed Wednesday the work shifting to Mesa, Ariz., could involve hundreds ofjobs
The changes will affect Boeing’s Shared Services Group, which employs about 3,000 people and provides support services to Boeing’s corporate and production units.
The unit’s leadership has initiated a review and has started to tell specific groups that their jobs could be moving.
The move is part of Boeing’s drive to cut costs, which is largely responsible for the loss of more than 18,300 Boeing jobs in the state since the most recent employment peak in fall 2012.
Boeing aims to complete the reorganization by 2020.
WTO upholds ruling against Washington’s tax reduction for Boeing




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