13 June 2017

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It's Time to Demand Donald Trump's Resignation

How many times in the 19-and-a-half weeks since January 20th have you needed to remind yourself to breathe, to remain calm, not to panic?
Do you regularly tell yourself it can't possibly be as bad as you think?
Are you worried you're overreacting?

You aren't.
It's as bad as you think, and possibly worse.
We've elected a president who isn't just unqualified for the job
". . . I'm not going to speculate on the mental health of the president. I'm not qualified, and ultimately I'm not certain it matters whether these extraordinary lapses in judgment are the result of dementia, pathological narcissism, sociopathy or just a shitty personality. What matters is what the president of the United States is saying publicly, every day, and the extraordinary damage he is doing to the nation and its people.
There is only one sensible reaction to Trump's antics: for members of Congress and influential conservatives to demand he resign.
You and I both know he's not leaving the White House willingly, or at least not anytime soon. But this is no longer anything approaching a close call. The things the president says and writes, in public, are more than enough evidence to declare him grossly unfit for a job . . . as the most powerful person in the world. . . " 
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