04 June 2017

Mesa City Council Member Kevin Thompson & His Company Broadmore Consulting LLC

Kevin Thompson is the Principal/Owner for Broadmore Consulting LLC from 07 Jan 2015– Present
He is listed as the manager and his wife Donna is listed as the statutory agent
Source: http://ecorp.azcc.gov/Details/Corp?corpId=L19751097 

One of Kevin's areas of interest listed in detail on the company's website includes Lobbying, [the subject area recently of investigate reports by two reporters working in Phoenix], Private & Public sector engagement and Procurement Services.
Disclaimer: It is not known at this time how Mr. Thompson who represents District 6 - the fastest growing area in the City with the most residential, commercial and industrial investments and development - manages to separate his elected public life from his own business interests on the Mesa City Council, or if he has disclosed anything about his interests as outlined in his "areas of interest"
 "At Broadmore Consulting, we believe business development is the cornerstone to success. We utilize our experience, our wide array of contacts, and our vast network to help make you successful. We identify opportunities, present you those opportunities, and get you in front of the right people to help you maximize those opportunities to your organization's benefit.
We specialize on local municipal governments; whether business development, permits, policy, or procurement, we help open doors, build reputations, and shape public policy for businesses like yours."
Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-thompson-b4b6b215

With many years of government affairs experience, Kevin Thompson brings a unique perspective to his clients.  He has worked in the private sector as a Government Affairs liaison between industry and local and county elected and staff officials, and is now an elected official in the City of Mesa, where he represents the fastest growing area in the east Phoenix metro area.
Elected to the Mesa City Council in August 2014, Councilmember Kevin Thompson began his first 4-year term representing District 6 in January of 2015 - coincidentally, perhaps to capitalize on his assuming office, Broadmore Consulting, LLC was incorporated on Wednesday January 7, 2015.

A veteran of the United States Air Force, Thompson spent eight years in the service, including serving in Operation Desert Storm. He earned a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and is a 2012 graduate of the Mesa Leadership Training and Development program. Source: http://www.mesaaz.gov
According to what's on Broadmoor Consulting Group's website Kevin excels at developing winning strategies and navigating government and has built a wide network of community leaders, elected officials, and staff members across every city and town in the Metro Phoenix area, and within both Maricopa and Penal Counties.
[Please note that same image of Mr.Thompson is used on both the City of Mesa's website and his own consulting firm]
He has key contacts with Public Safety officials; relationships with key State Legislators; and contacts within the Governor’s office and several State-ran departments like ADOT.
 Kevin’s areas of influence include:

• Advocacy
• Education
• Energy
• Lobbying
• Private & Public sector engagement
• Procurement Services
• Public Safety
• Smart Cities/Urban Issues
• Strategy
• Transportation
• Utilities
Kevin holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  He spent 17 years at one of the largest natural gas utilities in the western United States as an engineer, supervisor, and manager before he took on a new role in Government Affairs.  Kevin is also a veteran of the United States Air Force.
Services offered on the company's website include:
Every business needs a voice in the political arena, whether its working with elected officials, or working with Staff, and that’s where we come in.  Examples of the services we provide include:
  • Government liaison for owners, designers, developers, and contractors with governmental departments
  • Relationship building with public officials and policy makers
  • Facilitate meetings with elected officials
  • Preparation and guidance during procurement
  • Facilitation of timely solutions
  • Drafting and researching legislation and its policies
We strive to create value for your organization by getting you in front of the right people. In essence, we create opportunities. Much like Government Relations, we:
  • Identify opportunities
  • Facilitate meetings with elected officials and staff
  • Preparation and guidance during procurement
  • Facilitate meetings with private sector organizations
> Administrator/Corporate Public Affairs
(4 years 5 months)
- Continuously develop and foster professional relationships with elected officials and community leaders for over 24 cities/towns across Central Arizona.
- Actively monitor policy and ordinances, and engage stakeholders as needed to ensure Southwest can operate successfully.
- Act as a liaison between local municipalities and operational departments within Southwest Gas to ensure business practices meet or exceed regulatory requirements while also meeting local municipality requirements.
- Worked with the Governor’s Office of Energy Policy to re-write the natural gas portion of the State’s Energy Plan.
- Successfully negotiated Franchise Agreements with local municipalities to ensure Southwest maintains the ability to operate within the municipalities Right-of-Way.
- Monitor local elections and support pro-business candidates through PAC contributions.
- Successfully lead 2012 campaign drive to increase PAC contributions by exempt employees, resulting in the largest give in Company history.
- Represent the organization at various local organizations on a monthly basis.
- Successfully forged alliances with lobbyist of mutual interest to help lobby policy change.
- Comprehensive knowledge of local government affairs.
- Educate and promote the safe, reliable, and efficient use of natural gas to municipalities and school districts within Southwest Gas’ service territory.
- Supports business and community outreach through volunteer and charitable efforts
> Manager/New Business Projects
(12 years)
- Direct day-to-day operations of Sales, Engineering, and
Construction workgroups for all new business activity.
- Directly responsible for bottom-line factors, including long range
planning, project management, and cost containment.
- Oversee the daily and monthly financial indicators related to
capital revenue and expenditures.
- Created a more responsive and results oriented organization
resulting in increased revenue.
- Led the roll-out of a new Incremental Cost Model to the Sales
group, providing better revenue flexibility and protection for new
- Successfully restructured the New Business Projects group
following a divisional reorganization.
- Represented the Central Arizona Division in the development of a
new Company wide Master Pipeline contract; working directly with
Contract Administration, Environmental Programs, and various
other departments to ensure a comprehensive contract could be
- Developed and implemented a tracking process that reduced
project design time from 12 weeks to 3 weeks, allowing customer
timelines to be met.
- Accountable for staffing, training, and retention of workforce.
- Developed strategic alliances through community involvement.
> Project Engineer
(2 years 4 months)
- Directed all operations related to the Engineering department
including the design of conveyor equipment, verifying tool and die
dimensions against blueprints, and troubleshooting problems with
the division’s fleet of injection molding machines.
- Designed and implemented an efficient material handling system
to supply 20 injection molding machines with polypropylene and
polyethylene granules.
- Acted as the lead engineer on a power study to develop an
effective solution to the elimination of power surges and system
spikes during machine start-ups
> Veteran - 8 Years
(8 years)


Description of the company
Broadmore Consulting, LLC entity type is Domestic L.L.C..
Company number assigned to this company is L19751097.
Broadmore Consulting, LLC principal address is 7140 E Monte Ave Mesa, Az 85209.
You can find this business by geo coordinates: 33° 22' 12.3" N , 111° 40' 46.9" W.
Broadmore Consulting, LLC was incorporated on Wednesday 7th January 2015. so this company age is two years, four months and twenty-five days.
According to company register, Broadmore Consulting, LLC is currently active.
Kevin Thompson is the agent of this company.
This agent address is 7140 E Monte Avenue, Mesa AZ 85209.
Key Data
NameBroadmore Consulting, LLC
Company NumberL19751097
Company TypeDomestic L.L.C.
Incorporation Date2015-01-07
Original Publish Date

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