04 June 2017

Scandal Here in The East Valley or Just "The Mesa Way" ?????

Your MesaZona blogger picked up a free hardcopy of the East Valley Tribune yesterday on Main Street here in The New Urban Downtown Mesa -Great to see veteran reporter Gary Nelson, now a contributing writer, get back in-the-groove with all his years-long history publishing articles about what's going on here in Mesa and the East Valley - he knows the people and the region better than the new crop of reporters who sometimes get their news 'spoon-fed'.
Bribe scandal dominates E. Valley, Three accused by grand jury have deep roots in region
By Gary Nelson EVT Sun 04 June 2017
The report starts off life this, apparently referencing Justice Delayed is Justice Denied - or mebbe not with this allegation about conduct five or six years ago when so much is going on right now with undisclosed details getting done by the Mesa City Council that involve mega-millions of dollars [See > Mesa City Council Study Session 01 June 2017]
"After years of shadowy suggestions that something might be rotten at the Arizona Corporation Commission, the first indictment boils down to something most people can understand: A bald-faced case of quid pro quo bribery.
The indictment, of course, is only a list of charges that must be proven in court by federal prosecutors. But it describes in detail a pattern of alleged criminal conduct in 2011 and 2012 involving prominent East Valley political and business figures – and is the latest allegation of wrongdoing by a troubled real estate developer and state regulatory officials.
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THIS COULD BE A WHIRLWIND AND TORNADO that hits the generations-old political-private interests promoting the fast sprawl here in the East Valley
Gary Nelson's article throw some light on how this all works here in the East Valley, where politicians elected to public office have undisclosed business and/family interests [i.e. 'making money'] and undisclosed associations with real estate developers, public relations firms and lobbyists: for example Gary Pierce's wife Sherry [who owns a lobbying firm] is at the same time the $58,000-a-year deputy assistant to for U.S.  Congressman Andy Biggs - she held the same job with Matt Salmon when he was in Congress [Salmon and his wife Nancy operate a publish relations firm] .... Heads up and look into more

AZ Repub Reporter Lily Altavena Caught Up In The Crosshairs of Conflict

Cut to the Quick Take-Away > Disclose (and don't try to play stupid) THIS IS 'THE MESA WAY OF DOING BUSINESS' . . . You...