14 February 2018

Mesa Has Big League Dreams: Let's Play Ball > The Cubbies Are Back For Cactus League Spring Training!

Yep, folks, it's that wonderful time-of-year to enjoy minor league baseball season - for just a few weeks -in a $200M-taxpayer-financed sports stadium called Sloan Park built for billionaire Chicago Cub$ conservative Republican franchise owner The Ricketts Family.
Sloan Park is the biggest of all the 10 Cactus League stadiums holding 15,000 seats to deliver so much sales-and-use tax revenues into the city coffers it's called "Christmas in The Spring". It's a done deal so get over it for now.
Keep in mind, though, this is an election year and time for the City of Mesa to work on WHAT TO ASK TAXPAYERS TO PAY FOR NEXT. . worry about that later but keep in the mind that the City of Mesa has just raised online single-payment transaction charges for processing bill payments - 2.4% to get about $1.2M of your money.
Credit card service fee to be collected soon for certain City of Mesa services
February 12, 2018 at 10:23 am
Beginning March 12, a service fee of 2.37 percent will be collected by a third party from City of Mesa customers paying with a credit card or debit card for certain City services. Those services include utility bills, Development Services fees such as building permits and fees collected at Falcon Field Airport. The fee will be assessed on the total amount charged to the customers' credit card or debit card. The City of Mesa does not receive any part of the service fee.
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Per capita debt obligation for every person living here is already about $3,700 per person, so keep your heads up when the city makes the pitch for more of your money in November.
Public financing of sports stadium [or sports complexes] has perhaps become a non-issue here hyper-locally but at the state level it's getting batted-around the infield of politics:
Looks like some people - A national chorus of groups skeptical of public money going to professional sports teams - are up against some strong resistance in a bill in play at The Arizona State House. 
Business groups come out against stadium, arena bill
By Mike Sunnucks, Phoenix Biz Journal yesterday


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