13 May 2018

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Let's face it folks, we're all 'Fruits of The Womb" entering this world screaming in joy after the pangs and pushing of sometimes hours of labor by women who gave us birth. The actual act of conception might be called one of the Joys of Sex, rather than the tales we've been told about 'the birds-and-the-bees" or that one about getting dropped into a chimney stack by a Stork perched on the rooftop.No matter where we come from, or how we got here, today is the day set aside to honor our mothers
Breakfast-in-bed? Brunch? Flowers?

But what about all those outlandish inventive things we were told by our mothers?
On a personal note, your MesaZona blogger was a kid who walked-in-his sleep ...Restless mind syndrome or what? To fix that bizarre behavior my mother told me that if you get out of bed, the Big Bad Wolf will come and get you. 
Readers of this blog no doubt have similar stories of their own that they may or may not wish to share. We can, however, take the time to honor our mothers for giving us life, for all the good times and all the unreasonable things we were told

The Ultimate Guide to Bizarre Lies Your Mom Told You
Turns out mothers all over the world are telling a lot of the same outrageous fibs.
May 11, 2018
We received over 500 responses, and as uniquely crazy as many of them were, there was also plenty of common ground. Many mothers still tell variations on the classics: If you make a funny face, it will stay that way; if you eat before you swim, you’ll get cramps (or die); moms have eyes in the backs of their heads, and so on.
But then there were the more esoteric fibs, such as the dangers of dragonflies sewing your lips together, that playing in puddles will give you polio, or that a little man lives in your eyes and signals your mom when you aren’t telling the truth.
We couldn’t include all of the fantastic entries we received, but we’ve collected over 100 of our favorites below. Check and see how many of your own mom’s fantastic tales you recognize. Oh, and watch out for the “Lie Man” …
Here's just one included in the responses:
“In the pre-internet era, she told me that the mailman could read everything I mailed, and that I should never write anything that I wouldn’t want him to read.”
—CLK, Vero Beach, Florida
LINK > https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/mothers-day-lies 

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