08 May 2018

Here's A Side of Mesa We Don't Hear Much About: LGBTQ Bullying + Harassment

It's from a lead singer for a band in a candid interview with the U.K.’s Channel 4 News, Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears encouraged LGBT fans to “hang on to certain queer values.”
(Taylor Hill/Getty Images)
As for how he feels about being a gay man in Trump’s America? It’s scary, he admits, but he hopes he can change people’s minds about the LGBT community through music.
Like many others, Shears says Mesa was a hostile environment, being harassed and bullied when he was a teen
"Shears, Scissor Sisters’ frontman, opened up about being harassed and bullied after coming out as a teen in his hometown of Mesa, Arizona. It was a hostile environment, he recalled, and to this day, he regularly gets messages from closeted LGBT youth in unsafe situations: “A lot of times, I’ll get DMs from kids who want help and… feel like they’re in a hostile environment. And oftentimes, I tell them that I think they should wait a couple years until they’re in a safer spot . . . .
“It’s a big problem, parents kicking their kids out,” he added. “We’ve got a huge homeless LGBT problem, and that’s part of the reason why . . .
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