14 May 2018

Do "Living Green Workshops" really work???

Thanks to The East Valley Tribune for publishing the following in their Week Ahead section, but is it really going to have a significant impact? Just one quick observation:
The City of Mesa uses probably the most costly, wasteful and inefficient way to keep downtown green in public spaces and older homes: flood irrigation.
With that being said, your MesaZona blogger wholeheartedly respects and admires the dedication and job that Donna DiFrancesco, Conservation Coordinator with the Mesa Environmental Management & Sustainability Department, is doing to promote sustainability and low-impact development here in Mesa.
The first question that is fundamental for this series of workshops is if homeowners want to or are able to pay the costs of installing the required rainwater harvesting equipment?
Living Green workshops in Mesa focus on water conservation 
"You can collect more than 400 gallons of free water off the rooftop of a typical home from just half an inch of rain.
You can learn valuable information like this at the Living Green Hydrate Mesa series taking place on Tuesdays, starting this week through May 29 at the Mesa Main Library, 64 E 1st Street. . . 
The program is presented by Watershed Management Group, a local nonprofit whose stated goal is to “create unity, peace and progress around water and watershed health" starting in the home.
Walk-ins are welcome, but advance registration is encouraged: watershedmg.org/learn/classes/hydrate.
 “Living Green” is part of a larger effort by Mesa to “to address environmental issues and concerns.”
Information > http://www.mesaaz.gov/residents/sustainability


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