14 May 2018

Here In 'The Old Donut-Hole' More BikeShares Than People

What can your MesaZona blogger say about that that hasn't been posted here before? Let's take a look at a number of earlier posts that you can find right here to retrieve some comments made when dockless bikes got dumped all around downtown:Here's just one:
Bike Share Wars Here In Downtown Mesa?
"These self-propelled two-wheeled machines, funded by privately-owned Chinese VCs [venture capitalists] are getting free parking on the public sidewalks - or maybe we should call it "foreign direct investment" in our hyper-local "Donut-Hole" where we now see more bikes than people who might use them on the streets of our downtown community . . .
That's A REALITY CHECK and an easy one to make when we really need more reality to deal with all the over-hyped highly-questionable propaganda foisted on the public in an endless slew of slow-jamming improbable proposals in public relations campaigns to makeover Main Street.
With few exceptions, the only people in plain slight using bikes as a regular form of transportation are the homeless.
Like bikeshares, what we get spoon-fed and regurgitated by mainstream media are what city officials and their close cohorts put out -they just don't jive with reality.
Imagine Mesa for sure, with all the pre-gone ready-made conclusions if you can, but let's not get tricked-up by dubious unsolicited developer proposals for "luxury living" downtown in The Old-Donut-Hole. . . or more real estate speculation by the profit-making part of a church under the guise of a two-year renovation in an historic district  Believe it or not?
Yes, it's that Vision Thing. Who's vision?
It's very apparent to your MesaZona blogger that most people who live here - the majority of the public - are all too frequently left out of the planning process from the very start.
In a recent conversation about what was called a public outreach meeting for development plans by city officials' for the Mesa Drive and Main Street area, it turns out that 90% of the planning was done without incorporating any public input.
Just a few days ago, details of some of the plans were made public ("revealed") for a Massive Mormon Temple Make-Over that could transform downtown Mesa. . . that's after the public was kept-in-the-dark for months if not years.

Dockless Bikeshare Has More Bikes Than Riders
"Private bikeshare companies have rolled out large fleets of bikes in cities around the world and United States, but despite their ubiquity, dockless bikeshare is actually much less popular than traditional bikeshare. . . The source of that data—a report from the National Association of City Transportation Officials –concludes that dockless bikeshare has yet to move the needle on mobility choices. Although dockless bikeshare companies are operating in 25 U.S. cities, the report also suggests that the low ridership numbers explain the cautious approach by cities to the new dockless bikeshare business model. . . "
Full Story:
Published on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 in Governing
May 9, 2018, 5am PDT | James Brasuell


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