11 May 2018

Here in Mesa Bad City Management Creates A Debt Crisis

That's NOT the headline that City Manager 'Scrub-The-Books' Chris Brady or Goofy Mesa Mayor John Giles wants .... Let's just call it what it is, or what it isn't - like for instance A Public Safety Crisis or Several Money Requests. This in the most conservative and fastest-growing city in America?
Any reasonable person might ask if all this is the outcome of smart growth strategies or is it a mis-allocation year-after-year-after-year of resources by the powers-that-be inside City Hall where the City's Chief Executive Officer has managed by hook-or-by-trick to grow the public debt from $36 Million in 2006 to over $750 Million in 2018 - on the back of taxpayers.
That's been done on his own watch for than 12 years now, but who's keeping track in a city where the citizens and members of the public aren't engaged? 
The time is up - way overdue.
The old days of NO OVERISGHT by taxpayers who don't know they've been saddled with a huge debt burden to finance massive debt obligations have turned into being less stupid and more informed when they pay attention to demand a more open and transparent government that represents their input, not the 'special-interests' that have ruled this city for far too long.
It's not the over 165 millionaires who live here in Mesa who get smacked down with costs of debt.
They self-segregate in secluded enclaves in million-dollar mansions or in sprawling Master-Planned gated communities clustered in suburban boombergs disguised as 'community facilities districts' where they feel entitled to dip into and profit from million$$$$$$ in Bond Obligation Debt-service foisted on taxpayers with the promises of public benefits/good jobs.
Believe it if you want to: they 'set the stage' flashing big grins on their faces to promote their hidden agendas.
Here's an image your MesaZona blogger has gotten a lotta mileage out of from an unforgettable performance by Mayor John Giles and ASU Devils mascot Sparky at the 2016 State-of-the-City Speech to hoodwink Mesa taxpayers to approve $200,000,000 in a ballot referendum that got REJECTED.
This year, when crime is down, they're doing a different spin using the PR trick issue on Public Safety.
Will Mesa taxpayers fall for it again?  
Jivin' John Giles & The Six-Pack
This year's 2018 SOTC Speech got this 'spin', no doubt from the same not-so-brilliant behind-the-scenes carefully-scripted handlers who manage the mayor's new campaign.
You can expect mainstream media to fall-in-step with the program promoting a public relations gambit.
The game goes on with all kinds of pitches that you can watch in real time or read about later, second-hand.
First up: A Screen-grab of Jeff MacVay, Director of Downtown Transformation, trying to make the case for the massive Mormon make-over where McVay takes his cues by unsolicited developer proposals that approached the city . . . Whatever happened to that 'Vision Thing' he's in charge of?
Here's an upload from YouTube of yesterday's two-hour City Council Meeting opened by Mayor John Giles who's looking a little beat or under the influence of who knows what.
Read the caption to see what it's all about. Once again it's not City Manager Chris Brady in the hotseat - it's Candace Cannistraro again tp present some "Potential Revenues" SEE HOW SHE DOES THAT:

Last but not least is this report by AZ Republic one day ahead
Mesa to vote on public-safety tax hike, 1st of several money requests that may hit ballot
, The Republic | azcentral.com 
Published 10:28 a.m. MT May 9, 2018 | Updated 11:47 a.m. MT May 9, 2018

"Mesa voters could face a laundry list of pocketbook issues this November as the city looks to beef up public safety and the school district eyes teacher pay. 
The city made the first formal ask this week, voting to place a 0.25 percent sales-tax increase on the ballot to hire more police officers and firefighters. The Mesa City Council continues to weigh bond requests for capital projects related to public safety, parks and a youth sports complex. . .
PLEASE NOTE: Image insert from your MesaZona blogger to emphasize the bogus nature of the proceedings in front of the Mesa City Council - take the time to watch
Public-safety funding crisis deepens 
Even the city's most conservative council members voted to place the sales-tax increase on the ballot. Kevin Thompson, whose district includes Eastmark, one of the fastest-growing communities in Mesa, said his district in particular is "underserved" by public-safety agencies. . . Still, total crime is going down . . " 
LINK > AZ Central story by Lily Altavena
Here's two more local characters in the cast of talents who are trying to set the stage for ASU:
Mesa Mega-Millionaire Politician Bob Worsley who says he's gambling betting $20-Million bucks on downtown real estate speculation to build his private fortunes, and
Matt Salmon, hired on by ASU after his retirement from Congress as Vice-President of Government Affairs


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