13 May 2018

Hey Folks! You Have Just One Week To Be Less Stupid & Speak Up

Jivin' John Giles & The Six-Pack
Just a friendly reminder: Your Future Is On-The-Line
Politicians come-and-go. Fortunately they get termed-out every two or four years.  In non-elected office for 12 years and 6 months, the City of Mesa's Chief Executive and City Manager Chris Brady has somehow managed to increase the public debt (Hello! that's money-out-of-your-pockets)from $36 Million in 2005 to over $760 Million in 2018 - approved by the City Council and you, the taxpayers. Why?
Are you better off now with all the good high-quality high-value and good-paying jobs you were promised by the City when millions in tax incentives were given away for call-centers, industrial corridors, data centers, and employment opportunity zones?  Do you have a better quality of life? Are the Mesa Public schools doing a good job educating your kids and providing them with the skills they need? Has the Valley Metro Light Rail service become  "The Salvation Train" the Mayor said it is?  Are the housing options available to you if you rent affordable? . . .Has your Mesa City Councilmember reached out to you in your blocks and neighborhoods? . . .
Do you feel welcome and engaged with those people inside City Hall who govern and administer this city? Except at election times, do you every see them again? For your information the clock is ticking down for you to SPEAK UP at a series of required Public Hearings that you can see below. It's hard for most people to take time off from earning a living but you can contact City Hall and the City Council member who represents the district where you live - Call them up and see who answers the phone. If you get a message, ask them to call you back if you don't understand something or need more information - that's the way it works. Conservative Republicans don't raise taxes, but watch out and ask for verifiable data if they want to adjust or hike utilities fees and charges.
Public Hearing on CIP/ CIP AdoptionMay 21 2018
Public Hearing on Utility Rate Ordinance/Ordinance AdoptionMay 21 2018
Tentative Budget AdoptionMay 21 2018
Fees and Charges Resolution Adoption May 21 2018
 Public Hearing on Home Rule ElectionJune 4, 2018 
 Public Hearing on Expenditures and Tax Levy, Final Budget AdoptionJune 4, 2018 
 Second Public Hearing on Home Rule, Home Rule Election AdoptionJune 18 2018

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