12 May 2018

A "Revelation' from AZ Repub Reporter Lily Altavena = A News Release from The Mormon Newsroom and LDS Living

"Mesa Mormon Temple Renovation Plans Revealed:
5 Things To Know . . . "
Gotta give credit to Lily Altavena's talents for having a knack-with-the-news when she headlines a story that the renovation plans for the LDS Temple here in Mesa have been revealed. Right - in a news release 2 days ago made in Salt Lake City from The Mormon Newsroom.
Mesa Mayor John Giles and Mesa City Manager Chris Brady (both members in the LDS Church) just happened to visit SLC back in April in the middle of more 'Make-Over' plans from unsolicited developer proposals that were quickly agreed to and approved by the Mesa City Council, when back in November the stage was set for the so-called Rise of Mesa's Innovation District by a delegation organized by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce earlier last summer. . . there was a Charrette, there was a Downtown Mesa Bus Tour, their was fast-tracking with entitlements, there were undisclosed until recently buy/sell transactions before December 2017 where more than 8 properties changed hands in transfer to holding companies. And three or more proposals for developing city-owned lands.
Millions dropped like manna from the heavens !
It's not without local controversy in the moribund downtown neglected historic area and Central Business District that's now qualified and designated as an Opportunity Zone for wealth creation. At the same time that temple renovations were short on details, there is robust community resistance to the news that the LDS Church has bought up 61 properties in the immediate area of the temple, after taxpayers funded the extension of Valley Metro Light Rail service eastward along Main Street. Additionally, in what was originally a $5.9 Million-Dollar Plan to renovate Pioneer Park across from the temple grounds, the amount somehow turned out to be about a  $12 Million investment in public "improvements" to the park. . . Both taxpayer-funded actions are mentioned as reasons for the LDS Church to renovate the temple and to plan development of other real estate they own around the ten acres on Main Street set aside for the temple grounds. 
The Saints came marchin' in the 19th Century to control everything, not only in Mesa but the entire East Valley!
Your MesaZona was surprised to find out that Roc Arnett, head of The East Valley Partnership for over 35 years (pictured in the accompanying image with John Lewis the ex-mayor of Gilbert), is noted in another report as the church’s local director of public affairs > Religion, politics, real estate.
His eyes are now on The Superstition Vistas/Pinal County, with plans announced by a new group named Saints Holding Company to develop over 11,000 acres.  
We are so blessed that after all the media-buzz created about, as another mainstream media reporter wrote, a Massive Mormon Temple Make-Over that could transform more of downtown Mesa into The New Zion, some details have been released. . . .and more details at the same time of more LDS entitlements to more real estate holdings behind-the-scenes fulfilling the mission of 'The Pioneers' sent here on 'a mission' from Salt Lake City by Joseph Smith, First President of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Later-day Saints, in the mid-1850's to claim the First Peoples' lands and the water rights in The Rio Salado to expand The Kingdom of Deseret.
That was 50 years before Arizona became a State in 1912 - just 15 years later, the LDS Temple got dedicated in 1927 here in Mesa, the second outside of SLC making Mesa a satellite city of the Utah-based church. In Arizona alone there are five more temples. 
From LDS Living
"For the first time ever, the Church released renderings of what a temple under renovation will look like once construction is complete.For the second time in 43 years, the Mesa Arizona Temple will be closed for renovations, which include temple ground enhancements, site improvements, exterior maintenance, interior finishes, and building system maintenance for HVAC systems, and a new visitors' center located across the street on the southwest corner of Lesueur and Main Street, according to Mormon Newsroom. "

Church Releases Photos of What the Mesa Temple Will Look Like After Renovation

by | May 10, 2018
__________________________________________________________________________Here's the Original News Release from The Mormon Newsroom
News Release       
Major Renovation Planned for Mesa Arizona Temple
Latter-day Saint temple was dedicated in 1927
"Detailed plans of major renovations for the historic Mesa Arizona Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were released Thursday, May 10, 2018, days before the religious building is scheduled to close for a two-year renovation.
The 75,000-square-foot temple will undergo extensive work, including site improvements, exterior maintenance, interior finishes, and building system maintenance for HVAC systems. The temple grounds will also be renovated and enhanced. The public will be invited to tour the temple before it reopens, which is expected to be in 2020. . .
As part of the renovation, the visitors’ center will be demolished, and a new center will be rebuilt across the street on the southwest corner of Lesueur and Main Street. It will be home to various interactive exhibits and events, historical information about the temple, and family history research and teaching facilities.

Latter-day Saint temples are considered houses of God, where faithful Mormons participate in sacred ceremonies such as marriage and the uniting of families for eternity. Temples differ from meetinghouses or chapels, where all are welcome to meet for Sunday worship services and other activities.
Source: https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/major-renovation-mesa-arizona-temple 
(There over 22 images if you are interested)
Download a Mesa Arizona Temple history and fact sheet 
Mesa temple to be renovated
LDS Mesa Arizona temple closing for two years of renovation             
May 10, 2018                                   
More > Daily Herald Extra
. . . and here's a link to the story by Lily Altavena
Mesa Mormon Temple renovation plans revealed: 5 things to know
14 hours ago - Mesa Mormon Temple renovation plans revealed: 5 things to know .... temple design for the Mormon Church, said during the press conference
Random Post-Notes:
Even though Mormons are now a demographic minority here in Mesa there's no doubt they rule almost everything in finance, real estate, insurance and law, government and politics. Many city, local and state officials have graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, first learning their leadership skills as bishops and presidents in a religious network of wards and stakes that establish the administration and ministries. Every male child becomes a priest. Some are good boy scouts. Women are frequently married young. Families, and family connections, are large and they have loyalty to each other. They're also encouraged to give or contribute 10-15% of their incomes to the church in a feudal practice know as Tithing.

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