16 May 2018

O Yes, Jon Talton > The Answer Does Matter

Thanks for asking the question in this article you posted on May 11, 2018, bit ain't it kinda interesting to you that GCU had to abandon plans here in Mesa when city officials demanded a $100 Million investment for a Red Mountain campus and it didn't happen?
Fine and dandy.
Now the City of Mesa wants taxpayers to finance $75,000,000 in public debt for ASU. Both are money-pits
What is Grand Canyon University?
It's just a step-back and not a mystery at all. Not even a convenient fiction - and it's far to often the way things work:
Separate profit from non-profit via third-party provider of services.
". . . I'm sure this carries benefits for investors, especially in the age of Trump. And it's part of the alternative education infrastructure that's been erected by the right, which claims to despise higher education . . .And GCU is part of this new firmament. But is it what Americans historically considered a real university? I think the answer matters."
FACTOID OR NOT: Parent Grand Canyon Education Inc. trades on the Nasdaq, share prices doubling since 2016. If I understand the deal, it would separate the main GCU from the parent, with the parent acting "as a third-party provider of services to Grand Canyon University."
The Source > http://www.roguecolumnist.com/rogue_columnist/2018/05/what-is-grand-canyon-university.html#more

Trading Places: How Did Mesa Manage To Stay Out-of-The-Spotlight For Office-Involved Excessive Use-of-Force??

Another incidence of SWAT Team training tactics for our misguided "Civilian Warriors". This time in Phoenix and three years later...

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