27 October 2018

Gen Raziq Murder > Fresh Revelations About US Role in Killings In Kandahar, Afghanistan

There was another murder - more unexplained under even more suspicious circumstances - before the 3-weeks long drawn-out  denials and wasted speculation over the killing of Khassoggi in Instanbul until they came up with 'a cover story'.
Published on Oct 24, 2018
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Gen Raziq Achakzai - Chief of Kandahar police - murdered at a high security governor house compound on 19 of October- has led to many rumors and speculations.
Though Afghan government and US are squarely accusing Pakistan with out any investigation, however, the people of Afghanistan are suspicious about the role of US forces on the occasion. Raziq was known as a ferocious anti-Taliban commander and stood like a rock to the Taliban insurgents at their home province Kandahar.
People are demanding answers to certain questions; how/why only Raziq was targeted by the Taliban implant while US commander present on the occasion was spared? Where are the footages of governor compound CCTVs? where is the camera of state television which was recording the whole event on the occasion?#KhyberNews #HassanKhan #HKO

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