19 October 2018

Sunbelt Holdings: A Puzzling Predominant Portfolio from a 90's-Era Controversy

After all these years it's the biggest entire 10-acre city block open-space eyesore here in 'The Old Donut-Hole' in downtown Mesa. The former site of the high-grossing source of sales tax revenues for the City of Mesa -  a car dealership, Brown & Brown Chevrolet Auto Nation that got way too many sweetheart-deals from City Hall and provoked public anger when 40 people in mobile home parked got displaced by the city  to build a three-storage garage . . . Sounds familiar with Mesa Royale somehow .... So now what?
There's some background history from three years ago to get updated on that follows farther down. Demolition of the site started in June 2017 (last year), continuing for months removing metal buildings scattered all over until the original showroom building at the NEC Main/Hibbert Streets  finally got torn down using bulldozers, with a hazmat removal crew from Alwyn in protective gear and containers of contaminated materials removed and transported from the site. That was that . . . resolving years of controversy?
Here's some of that story from two years before that some people wanted told their way: 
Mesa recoups $2 million from '90s-era controversy
Retail Properties Properties
Retail Properties ^

Trading Places: How Did Mesa Manage To Stay Out-of-The-Spotlight For Office-Involved Excessive Use-of-Force??

Another incidence of SWAT Team training tactics for our misguided "Civilian Warriors". This time in Phoenix and three years later...

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