10 October 2018

Mesa Investigating Itself: More Like "Gas-Lighting"

Huh? Very surprised to see such a fast reaction in this year's election cycle from the City of Mesa's Communication Director Steven Wright after all the shenanigans and privately-funded screw-ups from two years ago from our 'non-partisan' mayor to promote swaying votes one way or another on ballot measures that blew up in their faces.
Mebbe this time they don't want to get red-handed and/or red-faced when something could blow their carefully-crafted cover trick with a new Half-A-Billion-Bag-of-Goodies-For-Everybody. . . and they're investigating it themselves!
We are so blessed!
Mesa Investigating Potential Election Law Violation Over Misleading Text Messages
By Jimmy Jenkins    Published: Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 5:56pm
The Mesa Clerk’s Office is investigating a possible violation of state election law.
Mesa residents alerted the city last week that they were getting messages from a group calling itself "Democrats For Mayor Giles."
Mesa Communications Director Steve Wright says the texts are spreading misinformation about an upcoming ballot measure called Question 1.
“Don’t listen to these text messages,” Wright said. “They are not affiliated with the mayor. The information is totally inaccurate and is designed to mislead the residents.”
While the texts warn that a vote in favor of the measure would result in an increase in utility bills, Question 1 asks Mesa residents if they would like to renew the city’s Home Rule option which allows the city to set its own budget.
Wright says the group sending the texts is not registered with the City Clerk’s office, which is required when promoting a ballot measure.
The Clerk’s Office is conducting an initial investigation and may bring in additional agencies depending on what they find.
“We haven’t been able to find that it’s a legitimate organization or that they have registered to promote any type of political agenda,” Wright said.
Mesa residents looking for more information on the ballot and Question 1 can go to the city’s website.

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