02 October 2018

Cannabis High On Corporate Investment Here In Mesa

If a local conservative Mormon law firm like Shumway Udall has opened up 12 new  "Medical Marijuana" Law Practice Areas, they're inhaling some of the collateral from a budding billions-of-dollars new industry in Mesa.  Here's one  > MedMen Enterprises, Inc.
1. Our strategy has been to establish our brand in the primary markets of California, Nevada and New York. We have a leading presence in those primary markets and we are now ready to expand our reach. Arizona, with its robust medical marijuana program and connectivity to California and Nevada where our brand is already strong, makes this a great fit. In addition to the medical marijuana dispensary, Monarch is licensed to operate a 20,000-square-foot cultivation and manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona
MedMen to Enter Arizona Medical Cannabis Market with Acquisition of Monarch
LINK > https://www.newcannabisventures.com/medmen

Here's one more:
Omaha Farms: Committed to Patient-Based Cannabis Care
Omaha Farms – East Mesa, AZ
Most cannabis companies are consistently on the hunt for better products and strains to entice patients. But at Omaha Farms, owned by HUXTON, that process is reversed. Originally founded to help a painkiller-addicted family member recover after surgery, Omaha Farms still serves patients first and foremost. Matt LaScala, head of cultivation, says most of their new product ideas come directly from existing patients and dispensaries. Once LaScala and the team have that info, they set out to find strains or products to alleviate specific symptoms. . . .
The Place
Their 30,000-square-foot facility in east Mesa is already starting to look a little small for the fast-growing company that’s shipping around 200-250 pounds of cannabis each month. Operating under organic standards, everything from the dirt to the nutrients is blended on-site, with a wash area for harvest and growing equipment out back. With about 25 strains always growing and new extraction techniques enhancing their products, Omaha Farms’ next step is to help develop industry best practices once the market stabilizes.

Trading Places: How Did Mesa Manage To Stay Out-of-The-Spotlight For Office-Involved Excessive Use-of-Force??

Another incidence of SWAT Team training tactics for our misguided "Civilian Warriors". This time in Phoenix and three years later...

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