24 July 2017

A Citizen Action Group Gets A Few More Clues

While Mesa Mayor John Giles is not at 'the top of the heap' in the official City's Organization Flow Chart, the citizens of Mesa are -  with the mayor clearly stating he has shortcomings in 'engaging the community'.
If the keystone source of input for representative democracy is missing or not involved in governance, that throws the whole entrenched political structure here in Mesa into a tipping-point that perhaps is not as open, transparent and accountable as it should be or swears to be after joining Bloomberg's WhatWorksCities two years ago.
Could it be that city government is, on the other hand, slow, opaque and possibly prone to corruption?
Time will tell, as this group digs into what has been 'over-looked' or 'ignored' for far too long.
In the interest of public information, here is the citizen-action group's latest entry published on Facebook 
"While our little group was doing some matching up of campaign contributions on upcoming Mesa projects we realized that many of the people on city boards and committees in Mesa, Az have either donated to or helped in political campaigns of Lying John Giles.
We also noticed that the same guy who produces and shoots videos for the city, also did the videos for the campaigns of John Giles, Mark Freeman & Jerry Lewis. This same person has also done videos for Public Integrity All...iance, The Bentleys & a group called A Better Mesa. I would encourage someone to look into the procurement process at the City if Mesa and see just how much Brian Nissen or Citrus Valley Entertainment has been paid by the City of Mesa. Was there an RFP or job listing for this? How were these video contracts decided? Or was this a another example of a friend helping a friend?
Want to see why certain projects are supported and why some aren't? Want to see why people are appointed to boards and committees? Have you ever applied to a board or committee and didn't get picked? Maybe you are not contributing enough to the right campaigns. Look at the City of Mesa Campaign Finance Reportshttp://www.mesaaz.gov/…/el…/campaign-finance-disclaimer-page

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