26 July 2017

Open House: New 2nd Floor Location for Mesa Chamber of Commerce

An announcement retrieved from the inbox 2 days ago: 
The Mesa Chamber of Commerce has recently moved its office to the Downtown campus of Mesa Community College.
As readers of the blog may or may not know, the Chamber moved at the end of the last fiscal year from a prime and prominent location it occupied for years at 40 N Center Street with the reason given that the lease was not renewed.
The move was made over the 4th of July in what seemed a rushed re-location into an 'under-used' and mostly vacant building facing the Phoenix Marriott Hotel on the 2nd Floor.
Not even a more visible and more accessible ground floor location! To help you find it, the new office is upstairs to the far left in Suite 208. You will have to find and climb the open stairway - for the disabled/handicapped there's an elevator access down the hallway.
Here's how Sally Jo Harrison explains the move with mebbe a change in the Chamber's mission as a start-up??
And hoping to somehow leverage other non-profits - and a news business called My News Mesa into the strange mix on Centennial Way 
“We have entered into a unique partnership with Mesa Community College and are excited to be at their Downtown Mesa campus. 
We are working with the colleges college's Department of Business and Information and the Chamber will offer an area for startup businesses to work within the office.” said Sally Harrison, Chamber President & CEO.
In addition to the Chamber relocating, the Chamber in partnership with Mesa United Way will be opening the doors to the new Mesa Veterans Resource Center.  Mesa United Way’s 12 Book’s Program and Chamber member MyNewsMesa.com will also be located on the MCC Downtown campus.
All four entities will host a joint open house event on Wednesday, August 2 from 8-10am with the first ribbon being cut at 8:30am followed by back-to back-cuttings.

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