11 July 2017

Council Study Session Mon 10 July 2017

Hard-to-believe that any city council in any city in the United States can fairly devote due diligence to the details in 13 job contract awards and ask questions [none asked as usual] and take the time and obligation to read and understand 19 Resolutions - informed consent  
ALL DONE IS A FAST 5 MINUTES Are these guys doing their jobs???
All suited-up . . . and a sketchy "review" of items on the agenda for the following regular meeting with 'several' items - and the usual very few questions. Noted that Item 7-a was taken off the Consent Agenda, with Mayor John Giles using the adjective 'great' to describe tentative plans for an above-market real estate development plan in response to an email from the organization RAIL regarding public access to the one-block north/south part of Drew Street between Main/First Avenue stating that instead of restricting public access whatever the developer has in mind will more likely activate public access.
Nominations to Imagine Mesa committee quickly approved.
Chris Brady has no information about future meetings  - no council meetings until August 17th
The agenda for this session can be seen in a previous post on the blog site - IT'S 13 PAGES
Published: Mon 10 July 2017
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Duration: 5:02
Sketchy overview of the study session's agenda

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