11 July 2017

City Council Meeting Mon 10 July 2017

Request to pull Item 5-p from the Consent Agenda with Director of Downtown Transformation Jeff McVey called back to give a 30-sec elevator rap and comments made by Laurent Reichmann who states he is not speaking against the project [he stated he met Mr. Sprague a few days before] waiting for a so-called 'quality project' with a hotel and "luxury apartments" in a 15-story tower where no details or renderings have been presented. . . as it turns out "a private developer" - who remains un-named in public statements by Jeff McVey approached the city,  not the other way around.
He's focusing on micro-details while many months of negotiations are ahead with the MOU expiring in one year
5 vote in favor of the MOU [2 absent] in motion by D4 Chris Glover.
More discussion of what can be a tricky "educational" using public dollars and philanthropic funds ???
Published on Jul 10, 2017
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Kevin Christopher does the usual fast-read of the Consent Agenda with no dollar-amounts in his public recitation of 13 pages . . . anyone else asking their district reps what amount of office-time each one has taken to read and understand the agenda . . . Any reasonable person would at the minimum ask a few questions. 
16 Job Contract Awards
19 Resolutions to approve

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