28 July 2017

New Public Integrity Screening Slated For Here in Mesa?

Let's not mix-up religion and politics here in the City of Mesa in spite of what "The Elders' tell followers of a certain religion to you to do . . .
Please get screened now and check 'your baggage' at the door before you enter City Hall into public office in what you might have believed for generations that Mesa is your corner of The Kingdom. Times have changed. 
Some of the current holders of seats in city government or on the city council were/are "Bishops" and/or "Presidents" of their stakes or wards [population territories defined by LDS] in some of the six districts that now comprise the geographical boundaries for the City of Mesa.
Present-day LDS followers who undergo leadership training - saints and sinners who confess to nothing - and who still observe the medieval practice of tithing giving away 10% of their income to the church, may be in for a rude and inconvenient re-awakening: since 1912 your 'corner of the kingdom' came under the jurisdiction of the democracy we call the United States where today demanding openness, transparency and accountability is what works.... it's not what you was the promised land New Zion in The Kingdom of Desert.
Check that old-time religious baggage at the door;  if you can't do that, pick it up on the way out-the-door marked EXIT at City Hall

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