18 July 2017

What Happened To This? The New Mesa City Center

Not just this one, there were four of these proposals funded by taking $75,000 out of Parks & Recreation GO bond financing guaranteed by hitting-up sales tax increases for every TPT transaction made by residents. More financing from other interests never got beyond 30%.
Last year the powers-that-be inside City Hall [and private interests] sought to capitalize on another Pie-In-The-Sky proposal to transform downtown Mesa into a satellite campus for ASU that's devoured downtown Tempe - voters got smart and rejected another bogus plan that was unanimously approved by the entire Mesa City Council, schemed up the mayor and his friends with a $500,000+ privately-financed PR fiasco that turned into a major screw-up. 
Is the 8-story concrete and copper-clad 'seat of government' City Hall, now occupying a non-descript former bank building that went bust and bottomed-out, the "highest-and-best use" for this prime parcel of real estate in the New Urban DTMesa???? . . . let's get government off Main Street - it's NOT the center of public life . . . mebbe sell it for conversion to above market-rate condos for those deep-pocketed cohorts with aspirations for luxury housing????
The next Pie-In-The-Sky
Published on Sep 3, 2014
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Designed by Woods Bagot and Surface Design, Mesa Central is an engaging and dynamic urban park designed to catalyze the city’s downtown Main Street district and establish greater connectivity with surrounding neighborhoods. Inspired by nature and shaped by culture, it is a contemporary park that blends civic qualities appropriate for its role as the seat of city government with a variety of experiences and amenities for all ages, all year round. Through a mix of landscape features, new structures, strategic renovations to existing buildings, and parking options, Mesa Central’s plan offers the flexibility of phased implementation to achieve this vision for an active downtown destination within the City's project budget.

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