18 July 2017

Back To The Future: Another Perspective

Thanks to Pop Up City for sending the most recent issue about Micro-living and Shared-living ....maybe ahead of its time in some places  

Pop-Up City Trip: The Future Of Urban Living

At the end of the year, Pop-Up City will organize an exclusive double city trip to London and Amsterdam to investigate the chances and pitfalls of micro-living and co-living.
Costs of living space in cities are on the rise. For the first time in centuries, the average size of a person’s living space is decreasing. This trend is leading to new lifestyles and smaller forms of housing. Micro-living and co-living are the newest developments in urban living. How is this affecting the city? Is it a temporary or lasting trend? And in what way can we realize attractive forms of micro-living in the Netherlands?
In October, Pop-Up City will organize an exclusive double city trip to London and Amsterdam, to elaborately discover the chances and pitfalls of micro-living and co-living. During this three-day city trip (two days in London, one in Amsterdam) we will visit a wide range of exemplar cases of micro-living and co-living. We will speak to initiators, designers, residents, experts, developers and community managers; exchange knowledge; and discuss current issues, trends and challenges. During the final day in Amsterdam we will share our findings during an expert meeting in collaboration with ARCAM.
The city trip is part of our international research project on Micro-Metropolitan Living, that Pop-Up City has been conducting over the past year. Fifteen spots are available for people with a background in property development, government and policy, construction, and design. We aspire to form a mixed group people with a diverse set of backgrounds, who can also contribute to the program using their expertise. We welcome anyone from developers to initiators, investors, researchers, interior designers, architects and policy makers.


Click here to become first in line for the city trip! We will let you know when we have updates on the program and when registration opens.
How is this trend affecting the way we make cities? Join us for an exclusive dual city trip to London and Amsterdam in October 2017 to explore the future of urban living.

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