16 July 2017

Climate Change Impacts Glass Panels @ MAC Extreme UV Radiation

For more than ten years on in the New Urban Downtown Mesa, the International Design Award-winning Mesa Arts Center has received outstanding recognition and attention for many of its outdoor features and architectural elements: one of which are the sequence of vertical glass panels running from behind the outdoor stage at the north campus on Main Street to an installation on the eastside of the south campus opening to First Avenue. In the past few months, your MesaZona blogger has noticed changes in the appearance of these glass panels that are exposed to sunlight for many hours, but why after ten years is this happening now? It could be the recent onslaught of days of excessive heat and increased exposure to higher-than-normal levels of ultraviolet radiation from corona mass ejections.
That might sound slightly crazy and far-fetched to some people, but there have been more than a few reports out there and posted on this blog site regarding holes created in the magnetosphere around our Planet Earth that usually acts as a shield to waves of radiation and photon flexes from cosmic disturbances impacting both the ionosphere interfering with satellite and radiation transmissions, creating unusual weather patterns and seismic earthquakes. The good news is there's been a crew of inspectors and engineers taking a look at the damage to remedy the problem.

The glass panels @ Encore On First at 25 W First Avenue don't appear to be affected, perhaps due to the abundant shade around the water pool and fountains at the front.

Solar CME Shockwave Hits Magnetosphere | S0 News July.16.2017

For your information there's a short video upload from YouTube about geomagnetic impacts
Published on Jul 16, 2017
July 16, 2017: CME STRIKE SPARKS GEOMAGNETIC STORMS: Geomagnetic storms are underway on July 16th following a CME strike at 0545 UT. Auroras have been sighted in New Zealand as well as US states such as Washington and Wyoming. The storms are intensifying as Earth moves into the CME's magnetized wake. They are currently category G2 (moderately strong). Arrived on schedule.

How a new aristocracy's segregation puts stress on society

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