24 July 2017

Oh No! More Clues From That Small Citizen-Action Group

This entry [and image to the left] on Facebook just got on into the stream of a news feed . . .
don't know about you, dear readers, but these streams of tidbits and clues have certainly whetted my appetite for the next 'dish' from this group.
They certainly dish it out real good. 
This one is, as the small and active group clearly states, based on hearsay for what it's worth.
More "clues' might be in-the-works; at this point-in-time at least some people are listening and watching - that is taking a step-forward for citizen oversight
"What do you think about councilmembers texting or messaging on their iPads during study sessions and council meetings?
Have you ever wondered who Kevin Thompson is incessantly texting during meetings and study sessions?

We did a little asking around and it seems like Thompson is constantly texting former councilmember and close personal friend Dave Richins for advice and to apparently make fun o
f other councilmembers and staff.
This is based purely on hearsay but it would be interesting to do a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) on the phone and iPad he is using that the tax payers are paying for.
I wonder how many times we would see Richins' number pop up right before and during council study sessions, council meetings and committee meetings..."
[end of excerpt quotations]

Here's a link to the source >

1. It might be easier to just ask either current District 6 Mesa City Council member Kevin Thompson or former District 1 Councilmember Dave Richins if they do constantly text or message each other and make fun of other councilmembers. 
One might at the same time ask Mr. Thompson how much he spends texting, messaging or talking to his constituents to find out how they feel on issues in front of the Mesa City Council.... it's his job to represent the interests of residents in the huge District 6 in southeast Mesa.
2. Most public meetings of elected officials require that cell phones and other connected devices are turned-off when the meeting starts. 

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