18 July 2017

Here's A New Citizen Action Group: Report Mesa Corruption

PRE-NOTE: The following post is reprinted online in its original entirety with some minor editing in the formatting with the permission of this new group called Report Mesa Corruption. The content and opinions expressed are those of the source. 
You can find them on Facebook
The featured image to the left is from the source; the others are inserts by MesaZona
The new citizen action group is asking a lot of questions for sure, but where is this going?

"I (that is the Report Mesa Corruption source NOT your MesaZona blogger) received some good information yesterday regarding the relationship between Lying John Giles and W. Dea Montague, Mormon Bishop, Stake President and Regional Representative and rumored to have sent Giles on his mission.
Dea is often seen around the city building and at Council Meetings with his small gang of followers. This seems to be the only group that Giles consistently listens to, his echo box, according to emails and work place chatter. Interestingly enough I received this info from someone claiming to be a member of the LDS church but is tired of this group.
Almost all of the people mentioned in this post are Mormon. Once again, I have nothing against any religion. This is just a Mesa reality.
Mormons have run Mesa since 1878 and some would argue that this legacy club of old white male Mesa Mormons need to step aside and let some fresh air in. (This Includes letting young upcoming Mormon men and women have a chance)

Our little group has been trying to put all the somewhat unorganized emails and rumors together and so far this is the relationship map. It may not be 100% accurate but it will become more accurate as we get more info from people who want Mesa cronyism, nepotism and greed to see some sunlight. If you take the time to read the info below, you will see that the control that Dea has is pervasive and affects Mesa council, Mesa School board, Mesa staff, Mesa funding and Mesa Initiatives. What are your thoughts?

Montague is on the governing board of West Mesa CDC who receives funding from the city with the following people:
  •  Jerry Lewis (who's wife is related to the wife of Steven Peterson on Mesa Public Schools Governing Board, close friend of Giles),
  •  Jake Brown (recently appointed to Imagine Mesa Committee),
  •  Dave Richins (previous executive director of West Mesa CDC, previous council member who championed and from reports "bullied" people into funding West Mesa CDC against staff advisement, current president of the United Food Bank.
  • Jo Martin is an officer at the food bank
  • councilmember Kevin Thompson is on the board of the food bank.
  • Kevin Thompson and Dave Richins are close friends. .... hmmmm I wonder Richins got the job at the food bank...
  • Jo Martin was recently appointed to the Imagine Mesa Committee.
  • Jo Martin and Kevin Thompson are close friends)
  •  Stephanie Wright (board member and paid employee of West Mesa CDC. Is that Illegal?)
  •  Cynthia Dunham (former Gilbert mayor, executive director of west mesa CDC, exec director of the Leadership Centre, close family friends with Natalie Lewis in Mesa City Manager's office. Cynthia's yearly salary is paid by your tax dollars through Mesa funding. Funding is approved yearly and it is reported that Natalie Lewis has pushed funding for this organization against staff's advisement.)
  •  Dea Montague is also on the board of shadow organization Mesa Grande Community Alliance.
Dea Montague has 9 children
  •  Dea's son Tyler Montague is a political operative in Mesa helping with LDS Republican candidates such as  John Giles (appointed then won unopposed), Bob Worsley (un-opposed), Don Stapley (lost), Jerry Lewis (great win in recall against Racist Russell Pearce, lost against Winkle), Mark Freeman (won), Shelley Allen (lost against Whittaker, now on P&Z board), and president & spin doctor of biased organization Public Integrity Alliance (biggest war was with Tom Horne). He is also heavily involved with the West Mesa CDC.
  •  Dea's Daughter Jennifer Montague Richardson is on the Mesa Public Schools Governing Board and one of her children is married to Brandon Giles. Jenny was recently appointed to the Imagine Mesa committee.
  •  Dea's daughter Kate Montague Arnett married to Jay Arnett of the Arnett Family. (Greg Arnett was recently appointed to the Imagine Mesa committee)
  •  Molly Montague Wright is married to J.R. Wright of the Wright Family.
  • Steve Wright is Public Information Officer for the City of Mesa.
  • Mike Wright is heavily involved with West Mesa CDC.
  • Stephanie Wright is both a board member and employee of West Mesa CDC.
  • Jackson Wright runs a media company, with his brother J.R. Wright, who is heavily involved in West Mesa CDC)
No more tax initiatives, no more bonds until our leaders are accountable.
If you have more info on this and you want to speak out, please email info to 
If you have any info on West Mesa CDC, info on interaction between the Montagues, Wrights, Arnetts, Richardsons with Giles, Brady or other council, or any other acts of favoritism, Cronyism more nepotism please send it.


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