18 July 2017

A Quick-Jab Back at Fake News from Mesa City Hall

Fast punch? Your MesaZona blogger wants to hit-back at lame, weak so-called 'news' about economic development that is not open, transparent and accountable
See who is landing jobs and a $76M automated production center near Apple in Mesa
Here's the link to a report in Phoenix Business Journal used in the latest issue of the City of Mesa's 3rd Quarter 2017 Economic Reporter Newsletter from the Office of Economic Development > http://www.mesaaz.gov 
You can't see anything . . .
You get 're-directed' to Mike Sunnuck's article that's behind a pay-wall!
That really SUCKS, Bill!

There were two articles about this highly automated manufacturing facility posted on this blog site on June 2/June 12, 2017.
Take a look at some of the background and context for Niagara Water Bottling in the biggest expansion for bottling water in the Southwest - is there something wrong, impure or unsafe with the tap water supplied by the City of Mesa to homes here?
Is Niagara planning to build a pipeline from Niagara Falls on the Canada-U.S. to sell spring-fed water, or are they getting special rates for the same clean and pure water provided by the same infrastructure pipelines to supply waters to homes here?
How many thousands of gallons per day will the facility use from the same source and same multi-million dollar taxpayer-financed pipeline - do they get "a special deal' while residents pay utilities use charges, fees and taxes?

Who's landing jobs?? Whose land did Niagara buy and why?
Highly-automated manufacturing jobs are usually neither 'high-quality jobs' nor even approaching paying the median salary levels, no matter what the article announces . . .


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