10 July 2017

Want To Watch?? Future of Transportation World Conference

Published on Jul 9, 2017
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14:00 - July 6th 2016, Reframing discontinuities and restoring forecasting throughout large-scale industry disruption. Julian Cox, consulting partner, EV-Volumes. In an about-face of the hyperbole of tech disruption, the presentation explores functional equivalence between technologies, the common profit drivers of labour, materials and energy efficiencies and the continual shifts in business models from batch to recurring revenue streams. These are the underpinnings of today and tomorrow. The purpose: to restore a baseline in which the past and the future make common sense simultaneously, for restored confidence in forecasting and in the making of large-scale value judgements otherwise obscured by paradigm-specific norms and nomenclature. The outcome: some counterintuitive insights into the future history of energy and transportation.


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